While many of you around the world have the day off, you may want to use this as an opportunity to catch up with updating the software programs that you use on your computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and any other electronic devices you use.  Regular readers of Scamicide.com, which I hope you are or will be, know that whenever the Department of Homeland Security through its National Vulnerability Database issues a new Cyber Security Bulletin that lists the latest software vulnerabilities as well as the security patches necessary to correct those vulnerabilities, I provide them to you.  It is always important to update the security features of all of the software that you use as soon as it is available because identity thieves and scammers are constantly discovering and exploiting those vulnerabilities toward their own illegal ends.  I provide a link to the security patches that you can trust are the real links to the patches you need and not just another scam by identity thieves who pose as people providing you with links to security patches when, in fact, they are actually providing you with malware.  Today’s list includes security patches for commonly used software including Google and Internet Explorer.


Here is the link to the latest cyber security bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security with links to the appropriate security patches