As I regularly do on Scamicide, today I am providing you with information about the latest security patches and updates for many important software programs that you use including Google Chrome, Adobe, Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.  The list that I provide you is one that is compiled by the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center.  It is of critical importance that you download and update the software programs that you use when new security patches and updates become available because the scam artists and identity thieves are constantly working to identify vulnerabilities in these programs that they exploit to your detriment.  Delaying the downloading of these important security patches and updates can have dire consequences.  But just as it is important to install these security patches and updates, many people are wary when they receive notices about downloading such patches and updates because they are wary that the security patch or update that they are installing may be malware that they are being tricked into downloading by a scammer or identity thief.  Fortunately, you can rely on the safety of the security patches and updates provided here by Scamicide.  Make sure you check Scamicide every day not only to become informed about the latest scams and identity theft schemes as well as how to avoid them, but also to find the latest security patches and updates.


Here is a link to the latest Cyber Security Bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security containing links to important security patches and updates: