Frequently over the last few months I have been warning you about the major data breach at Adobe and the repercussions that could be felt by more than the 38 million customers of Adobe because of not only the theft of personal data of Adobe customers, but also the theft of the source code for Adobe software used by many companies and governmental agencies for website development.  The size of the potential threat to people using website where vulnerabilities in the Adobe software can be expected to be exploited by the hackers cannot be overestimated.  Adobe has been diligently working to develop new patches to prevent such threats from becoming a reality, but these patches are only good to you if you download them and install them on your devices.  It is for this reason that I regularly provide you with the latest information about new security patches as well as links to the necessary patches.


Here are links to the latest sets of security patches for the Adobe Flash Player and Shockwave Player

If you still use these software programs, I urge you to install these security patches immediately.