The Department of Homeland Security through the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the National Vulnerability Database regularly issue Cyber Security Bulletins to alert you to vulnerabilities in regularly used software as well as provide links to security patches and updates to correct these problems.  The vulnerabilities are rated, High, Medium and Low with High, of course, being the highest priority.  Scammers and identity thieves exploit these vulnerabilities to cause us all harm so it is critical that you download and install the necessary patches as soon as they are available.  Some people are wary when they receive notices of security patches because they are not sure whether the notices are legitimate or are from scammers.  The links provided here at Scamicide are links you can trust.


Here is a link to the latest Cyber Security Bulletin, which I urge you to look at and click on the links to download and install the patches for the software programs that apply to you.