In the Scam of the day for November 8, 2013 I warned you about serious vulnerabilities in various Microsoft programs that had been exploited by hackers, particularly in the Middle East and South Asia.  The vulnerabilities are so serious that they can result in the hacker literally being able to take over the victim’s computer and gain access to all of the filed and documents contained therein.  Until now, Microsoft did not have a security patch to deal with this problem, but now Microsoft has released a number of security patches and updates to protect you from these threats.  Here is a link to the new Microsoft security patches and updates which you should install as soon as possible, if you have not done so already.


Promptly installing the latest security updates and patches on all of your electronic equipment such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones is an essential element of protecting your security.  Check Scamicide daily so you can be sure that you will be up to date in all of the latest security patches and updates.