As a regular part of Scamicide, I make sure that you are informed as to the latest security updates and patches issued by the manufacturers of the software that we all use.  The Department of Homeland Security ranks the threats posed by the various vulnerabilities discovered in the software that we all use.  Obviously those vulnerabilities ranked high merit our immediate attention because scammers, hackers and identity thieves exploit these vulnerabilities to make us victims of their schemes.  However, even the threats ranked at lower levels still warrant our attention because these vulnerabilities also can be exploited by criminals to our detriment.  Time is of the essence because security patches and updates are always issued in response to vulnerabilities already discovered and taken advantage of by wrongdoers so it is important to download the necessary updates and patches as soon as possible.  Some people are rightly concerned when they learn about security patches and updates as to whether they are indeed legitimate, which is why I provide the links to security updates and patches upon which you can rely.


Here is the link to the Department of Homeland Security’s latest list of important software security patches and updates.  Check it out and install those updates and patches that relate to the software that you use.

Let your friends know about these important updates and urge them to read Scamicide on a regular basis in order to be kept up to date with all the latest developments regarding scams and identity theft.