Microsoft has announced that it has discovered a serious vulnerability in its Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Lync software that presently is being exploited by hacking into the computers of the users of these programs in the Middle East and South Asia.  The vulnerability is serious and can result in a hacker being able to literally take over the victim’s computer and gain access to all of the files and documents contained therein.  The seriousness of this danger cannot be overestimated.  Presently the attacks exploiting this recently discovered vulnerability have been limited to computers in the Middle East and South Asia, but there is concern that the hackings will expand to computers in other parts of the world.  Although Microsoft is working on a security patch, none is presently ready and may not be available for a few days.  Here is a link to the security advisory recently issued by the United Sates Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security.  I urge you to check it out for further information


This threat is very real, but in order to become a victim, you would need to click on a link in an email or text message or download a tainted attachment.  As I always advise you, never click on links unless you are absolutely sure that they are legitimate and never download attachments unless you are absolutely sure it is legitimate.  Even if the link or attachment appears to be in an email or message sent from someone you trust, their email or text messaging could have been hijacked by a hacker.  The best course of action whenever you have any doubt about the legitimacy of a link or an attachment is to contact the person or agency purporting to send the email or text message to confirm whether or not it is legitimate.  As soon as a security patch is developed for this vulnerability I will provide a link to it here on Scamicide so make sure you check in with Scamicide each day.