I have been warning everyone about scams tied to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act for more than a year and I have increased my warnings about the various scams tied to the Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare, over the last couple of months.  For more details about the many scams that scammers and identity thieves are doing that relate to the Affordable Care Act, I suggest that you go through the archives of Scamicide.  However, today I want to remind you about a problem I have been concerned with since the Affordable Care Act was still in the planning stages and that is the lack of security to protect against identity theft in the insurance exchanges and the healthcare.gov website.  My concern was due to the fact that the insurance exchanges and the Affordable Care Act website appeared to me to provide too many vulnerabilities for the theft of personal information that could turn many people into victims of identity theft.  I was particularly concerned with the continuous postponing of the final security testing of the website and the system.  Now it appears that an internal memorandum of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that was leaked to the Associated Press confirms my fears that the system presently has not been sufficiently tested for security flaws and that the security risk is high.


What can you do about this if you are someone who needs to enroll with the Affordable Care Act?  My suggestion is two-fold.  First I would wait to apply since you do not need to apply under the present rules until March.  Second, I suggest that you put a credit freeze on your credit report, which is a good idea in any event because a credit freeze will prevent an identity thief who already has some of your personal information from utilizing that information to access your credit and make a large purchase.  For information as to how to do a credit freeze, you should click on the credit freeze section of Scamicide on the right hand side of this page.