Postal inspectors are reporting about a scam that has been going on for more than ten years in which an individual has been scamming unwary victims out of large amounts of money by promising a system for picking winners at thoroughbred horse racing tracks.  The solicitation sent by the scammer guaranteed a system for winning as much as $136,000 a month requiring only ten dollars of bets per day.  Despite the ridiculousness of the claim, people have been falling for the scam and sending their money to the scammer in return for  worthless system.  In addition, although the written solicitation received by the victims promised a money back guarantee, no one ever got their money back.


Although people have been chasing after fool-proof systems for winning at the race track forever, no such system exists or ever will exist.  None of us should ever be blinded by our own greed and certainly you cannot trust a guarantee provided to you by someone selling you an obvious scam system.  The old saying that if it looks too good to be true, it is, certainly is accurate.  Never let your own desire for an easy and simple way to riches blind you to the fact that there is no such easy and simple way, unless you are a scam artist and you are taking advantage of peoples’ greed.