Recently there have been a number of reports from around the country of people (including my nephew) receiving robocalls from scammers posing as law enforcement agencies, such as the FBI informing the intended victim that there is a warrant for his or her arrest.  One such phony call purported to be from the National Bureau of Crime Investigation Department, which is a very official name for a non-existent organization.  The person receiving the robocall is then given a telephone number to call to speak to someone to deal with the problem.  People who responded by calling the number were then told that for a price of several thousand dollars paid through a Green Dot MoneyPak card, the matter can be resolved without an arrest.  Although it should be obvious that this is a scam, many people are falling for this scam and losing money to these scam artists when they send money through the Green Dot MoneyPak cards which are impossible to stop or trace.


There are many indications that this is a scam.  Law enforcement agencies will not contact you through a robocall.  In fact, it is illegal for them to do so.  Legitimate law enforcement will not tell you that if you send a payment, you can avoid a legitimate arrest.  The use of either wired money or money cards are another indication that this is a scam as both of those methods of payments are favorite options for scammers because they are difficult to stop payment or trace.  If you receive such a call, you should immediately hang up.