The Department of Homeland Security’s United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team regularly compiles a list of vulnerable computer software and the security patches necessary to correct these vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities are ranked High, Medium and Low.  Obviously the vulnerabilities ranked high pose the greatest threat to your security.  Below you will find a link to the latest Vulnerability summary which includes patches for the latest exposed flaws in Adobe software which are quite significant and which, deservedly, have been the subject of a number of recent Scams of the day as these vulnerabilities pose a significant threat to you of identity theft.  I urge you to not only install the new security patches, but to go to the Scamicide Archives and read all of the recent Adobe Scams of the day to determine if you want to continue to use Adobe products.  You may wish to consider alternatives which I suggest in the Scams of the day.

It is always important to update your software with the latest security patches and updates because identity thieves exploit these vulnerabilities and count on you not to be timely in downloading important security patches.  Remember, the good guys are always at least a month behind the bad guys in identifying these vulnerabilities so it is important to remedy the problem as soon as possible.  Make sure you read Scamicide every day to keep track of the latest security patches and updates.


Here is  a link to the Department of Homeland Security’s latest Vulnerability Summary with links to security patches for many different software programs.