Regularly readers of Scamicide know that whenever new security patches become available for the various software programs that we all use, I notify you so that you can download these important patches to maintain the highest security levels for your computers, smartphones and tablets.  In the battle against identity thieves and scammers it is critical that your  security software be as up to date as possible.  Identity thieves are constantly working to find and then exploit vulnerabilities in the software we use toward their criminal ends.  Cisco recently issued to security advisories to correct vulnerabilities that could allow a hacker to obtain elevation of privilege, bypass security controls or cause a denial of service condition.  If you are a user of Cisco software including their Firewall I urge you to check out these latest security patches as recently announced by the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team which is  part of the Department of Homeland Security.


Here is the link to the latest Cisco security advisories

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