Today’s “scam of the day” is not a scam, but a tool to keep you from being scammed.  Identity thieves and scammers are constantly discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in the software that we all use.  Companies are just as constantly trying to plug those vulnerabilities with new security patches and updates.  The “good guys” are always a bit behind the bad guys in fixing those vulnerabilities so it is even more important when new security patches and updates are released that you install them as soon as possible.  Identity thieves count on people being a bit lazy and a bit slow to protect their computers, laptops and other devices with the latest security updates.  Google has just released Google Chrome 30 to address multiple vulnerabilities in the Google Chrome versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame.  These vulnerabilities, if not addressed, would permit identity thieves to hack into your computer and obtain sensitive personal information that could be used to make you a victim of identity theft.


Here is a link to the official notice from Google which contains links for updating your Google Chrome software.

I will continue to provide you with information and links to future security updates for Google Chrome and your other software.  Check out Scamicide daily so that you are always alerted to not only the latest scams and identity theft schemes, but also the software patches needed to help combat them.