I have already written three times during the past six months about scams connected with the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as many people refer to it and there is a good reason that I have written about it so much.  It is a complicated law about which many people are confused. This confusion is exploited by identity thieves and scammers to steal your money.  With the October first date of the launching of the health insurance exchanges where you will be provided information about your health insurance options and be able to apply for coverage, the identity theft schemes and scams will be in high gear.  I expect to warn you about many more scams and identity theft schemes connected to the Affordable Care Act in the upcoming days and weeks.  Many people will be going to the Internet for information about their insurance choices and identity thieves and scammers being aware of this fact are putting up websites with domain names that appear to be legitimate, but are merely vehicles to either get your personal information to make you a victim of identity theft or to get you to pay for phony insurance and lose your money.  In some instances, these phony websites will lure you to clicking on links that will download keystroke logging malware on to your computer that will steal all of the personal information from your computer and be used to make you a victim of identity theft.


When searching for the official health insurance exchanges, a good rule to follow is to start with the only official federal Affordable Health Care Act website, which is http://www.healthcare.gov.  This is a website upon which you can rely.  Some states will have their own health insurance exchange websites and a good rule to follow is to make sure that the website domain name ends with ,gov.  Many scammers use similar names, but use .com or .net.   In almost all instances these websites ending in .com or .net purporting to be official governmental websites will be scams, although just to make things difficult the state of Pennsylvania has its official website end in .com.