The FBI recently issued a warning about a new scam email that is presently being circulated that carries “Search for Missing Children” as the subject line and appears to come from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  The National Center for Missing & Exploited children is a legitimate organization, however, the email that is presently being circulated is not from the real organization, but rather is from an identity thief.   This missing children email is not just a hoax, it is a scam.   The email invites the reader to download an attachment, however if the reader does so, he or she will only succeed in downloading three malware files including one that carries a keystroke logging malware program that can steal all of the information contained in your computer and make you a victim of identity theft.


Remember my motto.  Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.  Merely because an email appears to be from a legitimate source does not mean that it is indeed legitimate.  The email address from which the email is sent may closely resemble the email address of a legitimate company or agency or it may even be the real email address that has been hijacked by a hacker.  In any event, never download an attachment or click on a link in any email until you have confirmed that the email is legitimate by contacting directly the real person, agency or company that the email purports to be from.  Also, never provide personal information in response to an email because again, you cannot be sure that the email is legitimate.  Before providing any personal information in response to an email, check again with the real person or entity that appeared to send you the email to make sure that it is legitimate.