A  new scam that is making its way around the country starts with a phony Animal Control Officer coming to your home and informing you that there have been complaints against your dog and that they will impound your pet unless a fine is paid immediately.  This particular scam has been very effective in retirement communities in Florida, but is being done elsewhere as well.  The Animal Control Office is a phony even though he or she may have a uniform, a badge or an identification card.  If you pay the scammer money to avoid the impoundment of your dog, all you will succeed in doing is losing your money.


No legitimate Animal Control Officer will come to your door unannounced and demand a payment and threaten to take your dog if you do not comply.  If someone comes to your home making that threat, you should call by phone the real Animal Control Officer for your jurisdiction to confirm that this person is a scam artist.  Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.  Merely because someone shows you apparent credentials does not mean anything.  Those documents can be counterfeited.