Lottery scams are one of the most effective scams and with good reason.  Who wouldn’t want to win a lottery?  One of the lottery scams presently being reported begins when you receive a letter from a company called Global Processing, Inc. although I should caution you, this same scam is done under other names, as well.  The letter informs you that you have won a large sum of money, such as $250,000 and also comes with a check, sometimes certified for $4,686 to help you pay the required processing fee of $3,250 in one version of the scam presently being circulated.  The check looks good and if you deposit it, your bank may appear to indicate to you that the check has cleared in a few days so you can feel confident sending your own check for the processing fee.  However, banks are required to give only provisional credit after a few days and when the counterfeit check ultimately bounces, the bank removes the money from your account and you are left having sent your own money, usually by wire, to a scammer.


It is very hard to win a lottery.  It is impossible to win a lottery that you have not entered.  If it is a foreign lottery, it is illegal for Americans to play foreign lotteries.  As for the crux of the scam, no legitimate lottery requires you to pay processing fees and if they were going to provide money to you to pay for the fee, why wouldn’t they merely deduct that amount from your winnings?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Don’t let greed blind you from common sense.  The payment of a check in an amount more than is due and then asking you to pay the difference is the basis of many variations of this scam.