Whether we are at the airport, a hotel, a shopping mall, a coffee shop or almost anywhere else, you will usually find WiFi service offered so that we can use our smartphones, laptops or tablets to connect to the Internet.  However with this convenience can come danger, as  too many people assume that the WiFi that they are using is secure and this is not always the case.  In fact, often an identity thief will go to the same coffee shop or other venue and set up his or her own WiFi which is what you may unwittingly be tapping into when you think you are connecting to the WiFi of the particular coffee shop or other place you find yourself at.  Technologically, it is easy to set up a phony WiFi that can capture all of the information contained in your smartphone, laptop or tablet and use that information to make you a victim of identity theft.  And even if you are not using the phony WiFi of an identity thief, you may be using an insecure WiFi that is particularly susceptible to being hacked by a savvy identity thief who can steal your information in that way, as well.


Certainly I am not telling you to stop using WiFi, but I am telling you to use it intelligently.  First make sure that the WiFi you are using is secure and encrypts all data.  You should also make sure that your smartphone, tablet or laptop have a good firewall and are protected by anti-virus and anti-malware security software.  You should also have software that encrypts your data.  Finally make sure that you have a complex and safe password