Identity thieves regularly manage to exploit vulnerabilities in the common software programs that we use.  Java software has proven to be such an effective target for identity thieves that the Department of Homeland Security has even gone so far as to advise people to remove Java software from their computers because of its susceptibility to being exploited by identity thieves.  For more information about Java, as well as instructions as to how to remove it from your computer, go to the Scamicide archives.  Software manufacturers constantly are trying to patch the vulnerabilities in their products and whenever those patches become available, I make sure that I notify you not only that they are available, but where to go to download the necessary patches.  Delaying installing the latest security updates puts you in a dangerous risk of identity theft.  The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a part of the Department of Homeland Security has issued a new advisory that provides information about vulnerabilities in a number of Microsoft software programs including the commonly used Internet browser, Internet Explorer.  It is important to download the necessary patches as soon as possible.


Here is a link to the latest alert issued by the Department of Homeland Security regarding the Microsoft vulnerabilities and how to remedy the situation.