The Department of Homeland Security regularly issues bulletins that provide details of the latest software vulnerabilities with links to the patches necessary to correct these problems.  The Department of Homeland Security grades these vulnerabilities as either High, Medium or Low.  It is of critical importance to install the patches indicated in those threats deemed High.  Identity thieves and scam artists exploit these vulnerabilities and they count on many people either entirely neglecting to fix the software they use or delaying installing the necessary patches thereby enabling the identity thieves, hackers and scammers to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the various software programs that we use.   In its latest bulletin, the Department of Homeland Security outlines specific threats to many software programs including the popular Mozilla Firefox browser.


Here is the link to the latest bulletin of the Department of Homeland Security which details the most recently identified threats.  The bulletin itself, in turn, also provides links to the patches to fix these vulnerabilities.  I urge you to not delay in installing the latest security patches for the software you use that appear in the bulletin.