Recently the Middlesex County Massachusetts sheriff’s office has been warning local citizens about a scam using their name that follows a pattern that is going on elsewhere around the country, as well.  The scam starts when you receive a telephone call from someone purporting to be from the sheriff’s office calling to collect the balance of an outstanding loan.   The caller demands your bank and credit card information in order to pay the outstanding amount of the loan and threatening you that if you do not comply, you will be arrested.  Many people are falling for this scam and providing credit card information or wiring funds to the scam artists.


Although sheriff’s offices are often used in various places around the country to collect civil judgments, they will not call you and threaten you with being arrested for not paying a debt.  As always, you can never be sure when someone calls if they are who they say they are.  Never give personal information of any kind to anyone over the phone if you have not called them.  If you are behind in a loan and receive a call that you think might be legitimate, hang up on the caller and call the lender at a number that you know is accurate to discuss the situation.