Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed its much anticipated latest product, the Xbox One, which will be more than just a video game console.  It will be a veritable home entertainment center with features providing for interactive television.  Although the Xbox One will not be available for purchase until later this year, the scams surrounding it are already springing up.  Scammers are contacting people enticing them with promises of becoming a tester for the new Xbox One.  People who fall for this scam risk becoming a victim of identity theft as the information the victim provides, purportedly to sign up to be an early tester of the Xbox One, will be used to make that person a victim of identity theft.


It is easy to determine if a sign-up to become a tester for the new Xbox One is phony.  All of the offers to become a tester are phony and you should not provide information to anyone promising to make you an early tester of the Xbox One.  This type of scam has been done previously.  In fact, it is a common occurrence before the release of any new electronic product.  The easy way to find out if any program offering to make you a tester of the latest electronic product is legitimate  is to contact the company, such as Microsoft for the Xbox One to confirm that indeed, unfortunately the offer to become a tester is a scam.