As I often tell you, it is critical to keep your software programs updated with the latest security patches.  Identity thieves and scammers are constantly locating and exploiting flaws in the software we all use in an effort to steal from us, make us victims of identity theft or gain control of our computers to make them a part of a bot net of zombie computers that they can use to spread viruses and malware as well as attack companies.  Consequently I regularly report on the latest software security updates for you to download.  Microsoft recently announced new updates for Windows, Internet Explorer, NET Framework, Lync, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows Essential.  Since everyone uses at least one of these programs, it is important for you to update your programs.


Here is a link you can trust to the official Microsoft updates that you should download as soon as possible:

If you have not already done so, you should consider making future updates automatic.  Links to enable you to do this can be found on the page that I am linking you to above.