Once again, I had to go no further than my own email to find today’s scam of the day.  Recently I received an email which purported to be from Wells Fargo Bank indicating there was a problem with my bank account and that my account was being blocked.  In order to unblock my account, I was instructed to click on a link.  If I had done so,  I would have downloaded keystroke logging malware that would have stolen all of the information contained on my computer and made me a victim of identity theft.  A copy of the email appears below.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.  The email did not carry any Wells Fargo logo, did not refer to me by name and did not reference an account number.  These are all indications that this email was a fake.  Identity thieves depend on people reacting emotionally when they receive such an email by clicking on the link.  Never click on links in emails that you are not absolutely sure are legitimate.

“We noticed some irregular online banking activities on your account. Due to this reason, we blocked it. Unlock it now.

Wells Fargo Online Security”


If you ever get such an email, immediately delete it.  I knew immediately that the email was a scam because I don’t have a Wells Fargo account, however, if you ever have the slightest thought that the email may be legitimate, do not click on the link, but rather call the company at a number that you know is legitimate to inform them that you received the email and to inquire as to whether it was legitimate.  You will promptly find out that it was a scam.