Bluetooth technology has proven to be a boon to hands-free use of our smart phones.  Often this technology is used to pair up the smart phone with a car’s technology system, such as the widely used Sync system in Ford vehicles.  But just as this technology can be used to make our lives easier and better, it can also be used by identity thieves to steal information from our smart phones.  Identity thieves will hack into our smart phones using readily available and cheap technology.  They will then steal information stored on your smart phones to make us a victim of identity theft and although many of us take great precautions to keep our computers safe, we often to do not take the necessary steps to keep our smart phones and other portable devices safe.


Make sure that you use a complex password that combines letters and symbols on your smart phone.  Even just a few exclamation points at the end of a password can provide greatly enhanced security for your smart phone.  Also it is important to switch your Bluetooth into the “non discoverable” mode when you are not using it to keep identity thieves from hacking into your smart phone.  Finally make sure that you install and keep updated, security software for your smart phone.

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