I have previously warned you about the hitman scam on January 15, 2012 and January 29, 2013, but I am doing so again today because this scam, which is still unfamiliar to many, is making a comeback.  Recently the FBI has been getting many complaints about incidents of this scam that begin when you receive an email informing you that the sender is a hitman who has been hired to kill you, but that if you pay him $10,000 he will refrain from doing so.  Although this is a scary email to receive, you should ignore it other than to report it to your local police and the Internet Crime Complaint Center at http://www.ic3.gov.


Indications that the email is a scam include the fact that is entirely lacking in specific details about you.  It does not use your name or other identifying information.  In one phony email  it is addressed to “Friend.”  In addition it does not provide any details about who has hired the hitman, where you live or any other details that would take this out of a generic, mass produced scam email.   It often contains much of the poor grammar found in many email scams originating in foreign countries.  If you receive this email and have any concerns that it might be real, report it to the local police.  If you are convinced that it is a scam, report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.

For a sample copy of one of the phony letters, go to the Scamicide archives for January 29, 2013. It is a good idea to always check the Scamicide archives for scams that you may hear about.  Chances are you will find information there.