Some scams are just so simple and effective that they remind us why scam artists are indeed the only criminals we refer to as artists.  An old scam that is still being used effectively by scammers involves a flyer under your door in your hotel or motel room that purportedly is an advertisement for a local pizza parlor.  The flyer gives a telephone number for the pizza parlor which conveniently delivers to your room.  It is cheaper than room service, probably takes less time and most likely would be of better quality.  What could be better than that?  All you need to do is call the number, give them a credit card and they will promptly send you your fresh pizza.  Unfortunately, it is a scam.  There is no pizza parlor.  The scammers have merely gone through the hotel and motel and put their flyers under the doors.  They then just wait for the telephone calls, steal your credit card number and use it to make charges to your card.


A good rule to follow is not to order any food from a restaurant that puts flyers under the door of your hotel or motel room.  However, if you are hungry, you can confirm through the telephone book, online or even with a quick call to the clerk at the front desk as to whether the particular restaurant described in the flyer is legitimate and whether indeed the telephone number is their actual number.  Sometimes the scammers will use the name of a real restaurant, but substitute their phony telephone number.  Never order or provide your credit card unless you have independently confirmed both that the restaurant is real and the telephone number is accurate.