As I constantly remind you, it is tremendously important to keep your security software up to date with the latest patches and improvements.  Identity thieves and scammers take advantage of the fact that many people either delay or don’t bother at all to install security software updates on their computers and end up becoming victims of identity theft and scams.  But it is not just your computer that you must update as to security software.  All of your portable devices should have the most current security software installed and kept up to date.  Recently Apple released new security software for its iPhones and iPods.  If you have any of these devices, you should update your security software immediately to avoid identity thieves from exploiting recently discovered vulnerabilities.

Also attached below is a long list of security patches and updates for other commonly used programs that have just been released and gathered by the Department of Homeland Security.


Here is a link you can trust to a release from Apple that provides you with information and links necessary to update your security software on your appropriate Apple devices:

Here is the link to the list of latest security patches as compiled by the Department of Homeland Security for many other software programs.  You should check the list out and update all applicable software that you use: