As I constantly remind people, it is critical to keep your software programs updated with all of the latest security updates.  Some people have their software automatically updated, but others wait until they learn of the latest security patches and some don’t get around at all to updating their software security.  That is a big mistake.  Identity thieves take advantage of vulnerabilities in popular software programs that they discover and then exploit, often before the vulnerabilities are discovered, but even after the vulnerabilities have been dealt with by the software companies in computers of people who fail to update their software programs as soon as possible.  Safari is a web browser created by Apple that is included with Macs.  Recently Apple became aware of security flaws in the software and took steps to patch those flaws.  But those patches are only helpful if you use them.  Apple has also issued updates to its security for its OS X Mountain Lion desk top operating system.  Failure to update your software could easily result in your becoming a victim of identity theft.  At one time hackers and identity thieves focused their attention on PC users, but as Macs have increased in popularity with the public, so have they increased in popularity with identity thieves who are now exploiting security vulnerabilities in Macs and their software.

Here is a link to an Apple update with information about the latest security patches and links to installing updated security patches.  If you use Safari, do not delay updating your software’s security.  Here is the link to updating your Safari program.

Here is a link to updating your OSX Mountain Lion program.