Computer hackers are constantly exploiting vulnerabilities in software to attack your computer and steal information from it that can make you a victim of identity theft.   The dirty little secret is that computer security software is not very effective against the newest viruses and malware.  Studies have shown that it takes the software security companies about a month to catch up with the latest viruses.  During that time you are extremely vulnerable to viruses and other malware despite having the latest security software on your computer.  Java software which is made by Oracle has been a particularly successful target of hackers and identity thieves.  According to Kaspersky Lab, flaws in Java software was responsible for about half of all the cyber attacks by hackers last year.    Much of the recent wave of attacks against American companies by the hundreds involved Java software vulnerabilities.  Now the Department of Homeland Security has identified new and dangerous vulnerabilities in Java software that can lead to your identity being stolen and your computer being compromised by hackers.  The Department of Homeland Security has even gone as far as to advise that people disable Java or prevent Java apps from running in your browser.


I strongly advise people who do not need to use Java that they disable it.  Here is an important link from the Department of Homeland Security with information as to how to disable Java or to otherwise deal with its vulnerabilities: