A common scam involves an email that you get that purports to be from a company with which you do business.  Under various pretexts the email requires you to either click on a link or download material.  In either case, what will happen is that unwittingly you will download a keystroke logging malware program that will steal all of the information from your computer including passwords, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, your Social Security number and more, all of which will be used to make you a victim of identity theft.  Shown below is an email that I received that purported to be from the popular payroll processor ADP.  If you get such an email you should be particularly skeptical because my name is not used anywhere in the email and no logo for the company appears.  This is definitely a low level scammer at work.  A copy of the email is copied below.  ADP is a popular company for such scams because so many people use them, however this email is quite obviously a scam.


You can never be sure when you receive an email if it is sent from whom it purports to be sent so never click on links or download material unless you have confirmed with the company, preferably by phone call at a number that you know to be accurate, whether or not the email is legitimate.  In this case, you don’t even have to do that in order to know that it is a scam.  Here is a copy of the email that I received


"Your ADP Payroll invoice for last week is attached for your review. If you have
any questions regarding this invoice, please contact your ADP service team at
the number provided on the invoice for assistance.

Thank you for choosing ADP Payroll.
Important: Please do not respond to this message. It comes from an unattended