It is imperative to keep yourself up to date with the latest software security patches.  Security software developers are always a bit behind the developers of new viruses, but once the security software developers have found how to counteract these viruses, it is very important to install these security patches as soon as possible.  Identity thieves take advantage of the fact that many people delay or don’t even bother to install security patches and therefore are even more vulnerable to identity theft that occurs when you unwittingly download tainted software or click on tainted links.  Java, as I have described many times, has been a favorite target for hackers and identity thieves who have exploited vulnerabilities with Java software to make people victims of identity theft.


Here is a link to the latest Apple patch to protect yourself from the most recently discovered Java vulnerabilities for Apple computers.

You can trust this link to provide you with the information you need to protect yourself if you are an Apple user who also uses Java software.  With so many hackings tied to Java, you also may wish to consider disabling Java unless you absolutely need it.