Hackers and identity thieves exploit vulnerabilities in the software that we all use to access our computers, steal our information and make us victims of identity theft.  Fortunately, the computer software companies and security software companies are always just as busy trying to correct those vulnerabilities.  When they do, they issue security patches and updates, however, these updates are only effective if you install them on your computers and other devices.  Hackers and identity thieves constantly take advantage of the fact that many people do not keep their security software current and install the latest security patches issued by software companies when they become aware of vulnerabilities.  Microsoft has just issued an alert about dangerous vulnerabilities that they discovered in Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Server Software and Microsoft. NET Framework.


If you have not already done so go to http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/security/bulletin/ms13-feb for the Microsoft security bulletin that describes these dangers in detail and provides links to install necessary patches to protect your computer.  Perhaps a better option is to enable your computers to automatically install all necessary updates and save yourself the time of having to constantly monitor new patches and security developments.  Remember, the hackers and identity thieves count on people not patching these vulnerabilities in a timely fashion.