Every season is scam season, but tax season is a particularly scammed filled time of the year.  The latest income tax scam which has surfaced in Nevada and is making its way across the country begins with a phone call purportedly from the Internal Revenue Service informing you that you are eligible for a refund of $2,000.   You are told that your refund will be processed electronically and that all that is necessary is for you to merely provide your bank account number and routing number for your bank to the IRS agent to whom you are speaking on the phone and your refund will be promptly sent.  Unfortunately, the whole thing is a scam and you are not talking with an IRS agent, but rather a scam artist who will take the information you provide him and steal all of the money in your account.


The IRS does not call you by phone or contact you by email to tell you that you are eligible for a refund of any kind.  Further, as I have warned you many times, you should never give any personal information to someone who calls you on the phone unless you are absolutely sure that you know to whom you are speaking and they have a legitimate need for the information.  You can never be sure when you receive a phone call if the person calling you is who they say they are.  If you ever have even the slightest thought that the call might be legitimate, you should merely hang up and call the agency or company, in this case the IRS that is purported to have called you and inquire as to the substance of the call.  I am not a psychic, but I can confidently predict you will be told that the call you received was not from the IRS.