Many people, myself not being one of them, are intrigued by Justin Bieber.  By any measure he is an international celebrity and a person in whom many people have great interest.  It is no surprise therefore that when reports surfaced earlier this week about pictures of Justin Bieber fondling a fan at a meet-and-greet in Miami on his latest tour, many people went searching on the Internet for the pictures.  A picture purporting to be a real picture did appear for a while on, but was later taken down. Both Bieber and the young girl, identified only as “Jocelyn” deny that anything inappropriate happened regardless of what the photograph may appear to show.  The problem is that many people will now be searching online for the photograph and may end up at websites that are not trustworthy and unwittingly download keystroke logging malware that will steal all of the information from their computers when the click on links that purport to lead them to the photograph, but instead merely trick them into downloading the dangerous malware.


Whether it is pictures of Justin Bieber or, as often is the lure, the promise of nude photos of celebrites such as Katherine Webb, Miley Cyrus, Princess Kate Middleton, or Emma Watson who represent some of the most popular searches, you must be very careful when clicking on links or downloading photographs from websites that may or may not be legitimate.  My advice is to stick to legitimate, well-known websites if you must search for such pictures because the risk is just too great that you will end up downloading dangerous malware.  In addition, you should also recognize that much of the time, such pictures may not even exist.