In the January 12th “Scam of the day” I warned you about serious identity theft danger posed by a flaw in Java software and urged you , as also was advised by the Department of Homeland Security to disable your Java software.  This danger was very real and the vulnerability in the Java software was being exploited by identity thieves and hackers to steal information on your computer or even lock it down until you paid them a ransom.  I will continue to keep you up to date and warn you about future security problems as soon as they become known as well as provide you with tips as to how to deal with these threats.  I am happy to now report that Java has developed a patch that you can install on your computer that will cure the vulnerability and protect your computer such that you can, once again, use Java software.


Oracle, the maker of Java has issued a new security alert in which they provide links to the necessary patches.  You should download these patches as soon as possible.  Here is the link to the Oracle Security Alert which has the information you need to download the necessary patches.  You should do this as soon as possible.