I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to the new year, I will continue to warn you and update you on the latest scams and identity theft schemes.  My recently published book “50 Ways to Protect Your Identity in a Digital Age” is a good source for specific, helpful information that can guide you in proactive steps you can take to protect your identity and recognize potential threats.  The upcoming year will most likely be one with record numbers of identity thefts and is important for all of us to do the best we can to protect ourselves.  I urge you to consider buying this book, which you can do simply by clicking on the icon on the right of this website/blog.  This link will take you to Amazon.com where you can buy the book easily and receive it in short order.  I know this sounds self-serving and it is, however, it is also a very cost-effective  way to protect yourself from the substantial risks presented by identity theft.  I also urge you to keep coming back to www.scamicide.com on a regular basis, preferably daily to see for free what the latest identity theft and scam threats are and how to avoid them.

Best wishes.

Steve Weisman