For many years, users of Apple computers have felt safe knowing that by and large most of the computer scams have targeted users of PCs rather than Macs.  However, with the increasing popularity of Apple computers and portable devices, more and more scammers and identity thieves have begun to tailor their illegal activities to Mac users.  Earlier this week the Russian Security software company, Doctor Web announced that it had found  new malware that is aimed at Mac users.  The scheme starts with a text message or email that asks for you to enter your phone number.  In response the victim receives a text message asking for a registration code.  When the victim responds, automatically continual charges are made to the victim’s smart phone in a scam called cramming.  The particular scam found by Doctor Web targeted people using a music app.


Only get your apps from legitimate sources.  The cost of many free apps that you may find on the Internet is far too dear.  A good rule to follow is never to install an app if you are required to provide your smart phone number or send a confirming text message.  That text message may just sign you up for continuing charges wtihout your being aware of it.  Finally, it is time for Mac users to join the rest of the world and realize that scams are not just found on PCs, but are also written for Macs too.