We all love online coupons, particularly now during the holiday shopping season.  It has been estimated that 63% of American shoppers use online coupons.  Unfortunately, scammers and identity thieves are aware of our love of online coupons and take advantage of that fact to turn us into victims of identity theft.  One of the most common scams involves completing online surveys or providing information in order to obtain the coupon.  In many cases, this information you provide will be used by an identity thief to make you a victim of identity theft and you will not even get a coupon.  Never pay for a coupon.  Legitimate companies do not charge for their coupons


Never provide personal information in return for a coupon that can be used to make you a victim of identity theft.  Never pay for coupons.  Don’t get coupons from websites with which you are not familiar.  Stick with legitimate coupon websites or, even better, go right to the company website for the coupon issued by that company.   If you find a coupon on a website with which you are not familiar, go to the website of the company that is issuing the coupon and if it is  legitimate coupon, you will find it there.  If you are unsure about a coupon website, check it out with your state’s attorney general, the Better Business Bureau or even Google them.