Today’s scam is another from my own email mailbox.  Today I received a “Notification” from Delta Airlines that an airline ticket that I bought is available for downloading and printing online by opening the attachment to the email.  Unlike many such scams, this email, although it appeared to come from Delta Airlines, did not carry the logo of the company, but instead just contained text and although there were no prominent grammatical errors, the very fact that I had not ordered an airline ticket should be enough to warn me not to click on the attachment.   If I had clicked on the attachment, I would have downloaded a keystroke logging malware program that would steal all of the information from my computer and make me a victim of identity theft.


You don’t win contests you don’t enter and you don’t get sent airline tickets you have not purchased.  In both of these instances, they are just lures to get you to click on a link to download malware.  Remember my motto “Trust me, you can’t trust anyone.”  Even if it is a company with which you do business, unless the email contains information that absolutely confirms it is legitimate, never click on a link or an attachment until you have confirmed that the email is genuine.