A new scam has recently emerged that begins when you receive an email purportedly from Amazon informing you that “Your acount has been closed because of too many failed login attempts.  Please download and fill out the form below to reactivate your account.”  If you download the form and provide the personal information requested you will have turned over your information to an identity thief who can then use this information to make you a victim of identity theft.  Unlike many phony emails that contain exact replicas of logos for the companies that the email is purportedly to be from, this scam email does not contain anything except text.


Do not respond to this email by providing any information or clicking on any links.  Amazon does not ask for you password, bank account information, credit card information, PIN, Social Security number, mother’s maiden name or any other identifying information.  If you are asked for any of this information in an email, you cn be sure that the email is not from Amazon.  If you ever receive a similar email and have any doubts as to its authenticity, merely call the company to find out if the email was legitimate.  Providing information or clicking on links that can download keystroke logging malware can put you in great danger of identity theft.