Emails seeking your help in getting access to large amounts of money are not just coming from your friends and relatives in Nigeria.  A new scam, similar in nature, has surfaced recently by way of an email that appears to come from an American soldier who is seeking to get millions out of Afghanistan that he assures you is not stolen money although he is not particularly clear as to the source of the money.  You are informed that there is no risk and that for your help, you will get a significant share of the money.  Of course, you won’t.  In fact, as with the Nigerian letter there is no money coming to you from Afghanistan.  The only money involved is the money that you end up providing for various fees and costs if you fall for this scam.


If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured, it is.  Don’t even bother to answer the email because if you do, you let the scammer know he or she has a real person that they are dealing with.   As with so many of these scams, ask yourself, why would they contact me?  Why do they want to share this with me?  Just because a scam letter doesn’t come from Nigeria doesn’t make it any less of a scam.