The Internet Crime Complaint Center yesterday issued a warning about malware attacking Android operated smart phones.  The two types of malware recently identified were Loozfon and FinFisher.  Loozfon steals information from your smartphone while FinFisher is a type of malware that literally can take over your smartphone and remotely control and operate it whreever you are.   One of the current  Loozfon malware gets installed sureptitiously on your smartphone is when you go to a phony work-at-home website that promises you riches merely for sending out emails.  When you go by a link in an advertisement to the phony work-at-home website, unknowingly you download Loozfon on to your smartphone and the scammer is able to use it to steal your address book as well as your phone number.  Finfisher is similarly downloaded by people clicking on links or text messages posing as system updates.  These are just two of the ways now being used to get you to download the dangerous malware on your smartphone.


People need constantly updated security software on their smartphones and other mobile devices as much as they need it on their computers.  Also, make sure that you have and use encryption software to protect the data in your device in case it is hacked.  Be wary of WIFI that can be tainted and used to download malware on your smartphone or other mobile devices if you do not have the proper security software.  Finally make sure that you are both using your smartphone’s or mobile device’s security features to the utmost and gurn off features of your device that you do not need because this will limit your vulnerability to attack from the outside.