A scam that is consistently provides big payoffs for scam artists is what is often called the “puppy scam.”  People buy dogs or other pets on line and although they think they are taking proper precautions often end up getting nothing in return for the money that they wire to the scammer who may have a website or other way of marketing their non-existent pets with photographs and false information.  Often they hook you for more and more money as occurs when even after you have paid for the non-existent dog you are hit up for further fees for a special crate to transport the dog along with additional transportation company fees.

Anyone can have a website that appears to be legitimate and anyone can even steal the name of a legitimate animal breeder.  Always check into the reputation of the breeder with the better business bureau, your state’s attorney general and even Google the name with the word “scam” to see if even the legitimate breeder’s name that is being used has been stolen for scams previously.  Be wary of anyone who asks you to wire money because that is a telltale sign that a scam is going on because once the money is wired, it is impossible to get it back if you have been scammed.  If you are told that a courier company is being used to transport the animal, check out the company to make sure it is legitimate and find out if they have used the courier previously.  Also, always get a veterinarian report on any animal before you consider buying it.  Finally, you are always going to be better off by buying a pet that you can go see in person prior to buying the pet.