Often it seems that the teenaged and even younger members of your family know more about computers than the adults do; and maybe they do.  However, unfortunately, they are also less security conscious and more susceptible to downloading malware such as keystroke logging programs that can read all of the information from your computer and make you a victim of identity theft.  Often the malware comes when the kids dowload free music, games or videos.  Scammers and identity thieves are adept at luring people, particularly young people into downloading these virus laden software programs that can lead to identity theft.


Along with good firewalls and computer security software, which you should regularly update, you should also educate your children about the risks of viruses and malware in free music, games and videos.  However, perhaps the best protection for the adults in the family who should be using the computer for online banking, which is safer than paying bills through the mail, is to have one computer reserved for the adults that they use for online banking, purchases and the storage of sensitive information and another that they share with the kids.  In this way, you can avoid the risks of the kids downloading damaging malware.  Now we just need to educate the adults to avoid the free pornography that is loaded with malware.