Federal Express recently announced that it has been receiving large numbers of reports of fraudulent email purporting to come from Federal Express.  Many of these have come from the email address of BillingOnline@fedex.com.  These emails generally refer to a Federal Express invoice that you are being billed for.  These are scam phishing emails and if you enter personal information in order to dispute the bill, this information will be used to make you a victim of identity theft.  You also may unwittingly download keystroke logging malware that can steal the information from your computer and make you a victim of identity theft.


Federal Express does not send unsolicited emails requesting information regarding packages, invoices, account numbers or personal information. If you receive such an email, it is a scam.  Do not open it and do not click on any links.  If you have any questions as to the legitimacy of a Federal Express bill, contact them directly by phone or online at www.fedex.com.