Identity thieves take advantage of every major event to their illegal ends and the launching of Apple’s new iPhone 5 is sure to be no exception to this rule.  There will be numerous scams and identity theft schemes revolving around the iPhone 5.  You may receive phony emails, text messages or Facebook messages telling you that you should click on a link to get the new iPhone at a dramatically discounted price.  You may receive phony emails, text messages or Facebook messages to click on a link for special information about the iPhone.  You may go to a  “discounter” who will sell you a new iPhone 5 only to find out that your box is empty or contains a worthless or even dangerous knockoff.  You may even receive an email or text message telling you that you have been selected to test the new iPhone 5 and will receive one free for your services.   They give you a link to click on for further information and details.  All of these are scams.  If you click on any of these links, you will download keystroke logging malware that will steal the information from your computer or other electronic device and make you a victim of identity theft.


Never click on links unless you are absolutely sure that they are legitimate.  If you don’t know the source, don’t click on the link and even if you do know the source, it is risky to click on the link because a friend may unwittingly be passing on the malware to you.  Remember even messages that appear to come from your friends may be coming from identity thieves who have hacked into your friend’s email account or Facebook account.  If you want information about the iPhone, go to Apple’s website and if you want to purchase one, go to legitimate, well-established brick and mortar stores.