Although it was only recently that I warned you about the dangers of searching online for nude pictures of Prince Harry, it bears repeating in the light of the publishing of paparazzi pictures of Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless at what she thought was a secluded villa in the French countryside.  Many people will be curious to see these photographs and identity thieves will take advantage of this curiosity to lure you into downloading keystroke logging malware programs on to your computer, laptop or smartphone and steal all of your personal information and make you a victim of identity theft.


You may receive an email or a message on your Facebook page purportedly from a friend telling you to click on a link to get access to the pictures of Kate, but the emails are from identity thieves and even if the message appears to be from a true friend, their email or Facebook page may have been hacked into which is easy to do for an identity thief (or anyone else) to make you less suspicious.  NEVER click on links sending you to pictures such as this.  If you really want to see the pictures, go directly to legitimate websites that deal with this kind of material, such as