It is not that Emma Watson, the young actress who is best known as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies is a particularly dangerous person.  She certainly is not known to be a martial arts expert.  However, interest in her is so high that many people find themselves going through search engines to dangerous websites that lure them into clicking on links that will download dangerous keystroke logging malware that can steal the information from your computer or install a virus on your computer.  In particular, looking for nude pictures or celebrity mishaps is a recipe for disaster.  These will often lead to your computer being infected   In fact, McAfee, the computer security company ranks the most dangerous celebrities each year and determined that looking for Emma Watson photographs, videos and downloads on line brought a whopping 12.6% chance of downloading spyware, viruses, or malware.


Polonius was right in Hamlet when he told his son that he would be judged by the company he kept.  It is still good advice.  When you are looking for videos and stories about celebrities, stick to legitimate websites that you know will not be likely to cause you to download malware or other viruses.  If you need gossip, stay with the legitimate websites such as