Recently Theresa Brown was shocked to receive an e mail with a huge bill for her iTunes account.  Like so many phishing scams, where you receive an email that appears entirely legitimate, the bill indicated that if she disputed the charge, she needed to click on a link contained in the email.  Fortunately, Ms. Brown was savvy enough to check her credit card records for the credit card that she had provided to Apple from which her iTunes charges were automatically deducted and found that there were no charges.  It was then that she realized for sure that this was a scam.


If Theresa Brown had reacted in panic upon receiving such a huge bill and clicked on the link contained in the email that looked entirely legitimate, she would have ended up downloading a keystroke logging program on her computer that would have stolen all of her personal information from her computer and taken the first step toward her becoming a victim of identity theft.  NEVER click on links contained in emails from companies with which you do business no matter how legitimate they look.  You can never be sure if it is legitimate or a phishing scam.  If you have any questions, call the company at a number that you know is accurate.